Friday, 22 July 2011

The Trip

So, this is going to be my on-line journal for the next five months, as I slowly work my way around Central Europe and the Balkans. I have a research grant from the Royal Society of Edinburgh to look into art production and art history in the country that was Yugoslavia, until 1990-91. A publisher is interested in taking the project on in 2012-13, but I have to raise a lot of money towards the book actually happening around then.

I'm not going to be outlining a turgid manifesto of intent, or pious bullet-pointed research agenda, here. This blog is simply going to be about the experience of travelling in and thinking about this part of the world, which has fascinated me for a long time. As I am now a freelancer after ten years of taking the shilling of various academic institutions, I have a bit more time to develop this theme than might otherwise have been the case.

Here's the (intended) route, subject to change as things develop: London-Geneva (stopping off with a friend)-Zurich-Vienna-Brno-Ljubljana-Belgrade-Skopje-Bitola. I hope to be in Southern Macedonia for the end of August, and I will be working from that point on, until the second week in December, when I will re-set the co-ordinates for the UK and an uncertain but exciting 2012.

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